TRC understand the significance of reliable analytical data for the accuracy and precision of your research and we are committed to quality and scientific excellence to maintain the same with every product. Our extensive analytical and bio analytical services are backed with state of art industry-demanded instrumentation, featuring gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MC), gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (LC), interfaced with specialized chromatographic detectors, LC/MS, LC /MS/MS and all standard laboratory instruments. Our goal is to provide usable data that we can defend and support long after the specifications are delivered. TRC is also committed to providing the highest standard of research chemicals through compliance with all applicable regulations and industry standards.

We also offer an on-demand analytical services which includes
- Quantitative Analysis
- Qualitative Analysis
- IR, NMR Analysis
- Mass Spectrometry Analysis
- Purity Determination
- Net Content Determination
- Solubility Testing
- Verification of analytical reference standards via full chemical analysis
- Melting Point
- Water Content by Karl Fischer
- Residual Solvent Content by 1H-NMR or GC-Headspace
- Salt Content by IC
- Optical Rotation
- Analytical method development and validation
- Isolation and characterization of impurities and degradation products
- Resolution of chiral compounds
- Contract Purification
- ISO certified independent testing facility
- Other services on demand

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Laboratory Testing Services

Water Quality Analysis

WHO has issued guidelines for drinking water quality, level of contaminants, and other standard universally accepted parameters. Qualitative and quantitative measurements are required from time to time in order to constantly monitor the quality of water from the various sources of supply. We provide ISO Certified products required for regular monitoring of these standards. In addition to this, our analytical department can also help in Consulting and Method development, Interpretation of results and sample analysis. Request a Quote

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Cannabis Testing

Our analytical laboratory is fully equipped to validate and analyze potency, cannabinoids content, microbiological screening and pesticides & heavy metal detection in cannabis products. Request a Quote