Toronto Research Chemicals' Screening Libraries

- Each TRC screening library collection incorporates years of scientific expertise resulting in grouping of right compounds in the right combination.
- Stringent QA/QC of all products using state-of-the-art equipments..
- Libraries consist of small molecules, synthesized in TRC labs.
- Individual compounds from the library are also available for sale.
- TRC libraries are fully customized, you choose the compounds, quantities, plate map and format.


- Customized
- Cost efficient
- Proven quality
- Consistent results
- Rich documentation
- Ready to screen format
- Supported by published data


- Strategically developed libraries for potent & selective results.
- Available in stock with ready refills from mg to kg scale
- Choose from current catalogue of over 95,000 compounds including inhibitors, ligands, activators, antagonists, agonists, natural products like compounds, drugs and pathway targeting design your tailor made library.
- Diverse in chemical and pharmacological actions to cover the widest range of detection.
- Guaranteed high quality QA/QC validation data.
- Detailed documentation describing potency, selectivity and applications etc.

We also provide customized screening libraries.

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