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Product Description

Catalogue NumberS634800
Chemical NameSodium Hyaluronate
SynonymsArthrease; Artz; Artz Dispo; Artzal; Bio Hyaluro 12; Bio Sodium Hyaluronate HA 20; Chlamyhyaluronic acid sodium salt; Cystistat; Euflexxa; FCH 121-S; FCH 150; FCH 200; FCH 248; FCH 60; FCH 80; FCH 80LE; FCH-SU; Fermatron; HA-F; HA-Q; HA-Q 1; HA-QA; HE-QSE; Healon; Healon (polysaccharide); Healon GV; Healon V; Hyalart; Hyalein; Hyalein Mini; Hyalgan; Hyaluronsan HA-LQ; Hyaluronsan HA-LQ1; Hyaluronsan HA-LQH; Hyaluronsan HA-Q; Hyaluronsan HA-QSS; Hyaluronsan M 5070; Hyasol; Hyasol BT; Hyladerm; Hylo Comod; Jointex; Khionat; NRD 101; Nidelon; Opegan; Orthovisc; Ostenil; Provisc; SI 4402; SL 1010; SLM 10; SPH; Sinovial; Sodium hyaluronate; Suvenyl; Tear Balance; Vismed
CAS Number9067-32-7
Alternate CAS #9004-61-9
Molecular Formula(C₁₄H₂₀NNaO₁₁)n
AppearanceWhite to Off-White Solid
Melting Point>209°C (dec.)
Molecular Weight(401.30)n
SolubilityAqueous Acid (Slightly, Heated), Aqueous Base (Slightly, Heated, Sonicated), Wat
Category Standards; Pharmaceutical/API Drug Impurities/Metabolites; Carbohydrates and Oligosaccharides;
ApplicationsSodium Hyaluronic is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues.
ReferencesHarmon, P.S., et al.: J. Biomed. Mat. Res., 100, 1955 (2012); Stoltz, J.F., et al.: Biomed. Mat. Eng.,22, 235 (2012); Tao, Y.H., et al.: J. Poly. Sci., 50, 3507 (2012);