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Catalogue Number: A533005
Chemical Name: Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, Technical Grade
Synonyms: Soidum Alginate; 1-3F (polysaccharide); A 2158; A 7C618; Algin; Algin (polysaccharide); Algin ML; Algin gum; Alginat NV 10; Alginate DPB; Alginate FD 155; Alginate FD 170; Alginate FD 175; Alginate KMF; Alginate KTHV; Alginate LBA; Alginate TBVV/N 2; Algipon L 1168; Algitex C-LL; Algitex F 5LL; Algitex H; Algitex I 3G; Algitex L; Algitex LL; Algitex M; Algogel 3001; Algogel 3031; Algogel 6020; Algogel 6021; Algogel DPG JO; Algogel HV; Algogel LV; Algogel MV; Algogel MVP; Algogel MVR; Algogel SG 150; Alloid; Alloid G; Alman; Alroid-G; Alto; Amnucol; Antimigrant C 45; Ascophyllum; CHT Alginate EHV; CHT Alginate MV; Cecalginate HV 600; Cecalginate HV/KL 600; Cecalgine TBV; Cecalgum S 1300; Cohasal IH; Darid QH; Dariloid QH; Dialgin HV; Dialgin LV 100; Duck Algin; Duck Algin 150; Duck Algin 15
CAS Number: 9005-38-3
Alternate CAS #: Alginic Acid: 9005-32-7
Molecular Formula: (C₆H₇O₆Na)n
Appearance: Off-White Solid
Melting Point: >178°C (dec.)
Molecular Weight: 0
Storage: Refrigerator
Solubility: Water (Slightly)
Category: Standards; Food;
Applications: Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, can be used as a flavorless gum. It is used by the foods industry to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier. It is also used in indigestion tablets and the preparation of dental impressions.