TRC Introduces ELISA kit range

20,000+ ISO certified and rigorously tested ELISA Kits
Toronto Research Chemicals, a leading manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, has recently introduced a new range of ELISA kits. The company has decided to offer these products due to a high demand for more targeted biological solutions, which can provide researchers with increased accuracy and precision from their in-house testing applications. The kits are developed in an ISO certified lab.

TRC’s ELISA kits are simple, sensitive and ready to use allowing researchers to quantify a larger number of samples with greater sensitivity.

The new ELISA kit range offered by TRC comprises more than 20,000 products of different analytes spanning across 14+ species. The data sheet with each product will consist of the standard curve data, linearity, recovery data, detection range, and %CV. Each kit comes with a full analysis included.

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