TRC provides reliable custom chemical synthesis and contract research services

TRC's project planning team of experince Ph.D. chemists specializes in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and know compounds. Our custom synthesis services include the synthesis of stable isotope labelled analogs, building blocks, intermediates, nucleic acid derivatives, forensics, metabolites, impurities, standardized reference compounds and building blocks for combinatorial chemistry.


What we offer

  • Value added customized synthesis
  • Expert project planning and management
  • Development of new synthetic routes
  • Customized cocktail of chemicals
  • Milligram to kilogram batch synthesis capacity
  • Fully developed purification and analytical capabilities

Our custom synthesis specialities includes

  • Delivering custom synthesis at off the shelf pricing
  • Process research, development and optimization
  • Small and large scale chemistry capabilities
  • Synthetic route design and optimization
  • Advanced synthetic and analytical platform
  • Cost-effective and high efficiency

3 step solution to your custom synthesis need


  • Synthetic routes
  • Time frame
  • Quote
  • Confidentiality / NDA
  • Regular updates


  • Discussing progression
  • Troubleshooting
  • Timeframe progression
  • Laboratory support
  • Product developmnet

QA & Delivery

  • State of art QA services
  • Purity by HPLC
  • MSDS, CoFA, spectral data
  • Custom packaging

Our chemical synthesis capabilities

  • Reference compound synthesis
  • Labelled isotopes synthesis
  • Impurites & asymmetric synthesis
  • Newly developed excipients
  • Analogs, intermediates & building blocks
  • Rare organics
  • Route development
  • Natural product extraction, isolation & identification

Why choose TRC for your custom synthesis

  • 37 Years expertise in custom synthesis
  • >180 Ph.D./ MSc. Chemists
  • >65,000 Ready to ship high quality products
  • Full project planning scientific group
  • >14,000 peer review research citations
  • >1,000 patent citations (USPO, JP, IPO)
  • Cost effectiveness with guaranteed quality

We are very transparent in protecting your IP and do correspond to all requested technical requirements. Please contact our technical team for further support.